Cardboard packaging sales program



Transport cardboard packaging is secondary packaging intended to protect products during transport. There are two types of transport packaging, such as CUT (so-called American) and PUNCHED (so-called folded)packaging.

The material and dimensions of the cardboard packaging are determined according to the customer’s specifications. This type of packaging uses less demanding flexo printing, which means that it is printed directly on the cardboard. We adapt the print to the customer’s wishes, most often customers decide on a logo and transport signs or a specific text. In this way, significant recognition of the company or brand is also achieved.

CUT CARDBOARD PACKAGING: the so-called “American” is the most commonly used cardboard packaging, and no tools are needed to make it. Adhesive tape is required to make this type of packaging.

PUNCHED CARDBOARD PACKAGING: for this type of cardboard packaging it is necessary to make a punching tool, after the shape or construction of the box is determined together with the development team.



Commercial cardboard packaging is another term for laminated packaging and refers to high-end cardboard boxes. Its main purpose is to achieve greater brand recognition, as it attracts attention with its design.

Commercial packaging also provides greater protection for packaged products, as it provides better durability and strength than transport packaging.

Commercial cardboard packaging can be made of two-, three- or fivelayers of corrugated cardboard, on which printed sheets are bonded or laminated, containing a graphic image according to the customer’s wishes (photos, texts, illustrations).The production of laminated packaging is significantly more demanding, as it is necessary to produce printed materials and also punching tools. The formation of the fold depends on the construction of the boxand it is possible to choose between self-folded or bonded folds. There are also available promotional cardboard stands intended for sales promotion. Stands can be of different shapes and constructions, such as freestanding, hanging, desktop, etc.



When it comes to gift packaging, communication between the customer and the developer is essential, as this is the only way to create unique and sophisticated packaging where details are most important.

It is manufactured according to the product and the customer’s wishes and its basic purpose is to emphasize the product and its value with unique and eye-catching cardboard packaging. Several different techniques are available for production, such as various laminations, gold printing, blind printing, varnishing and so on. It is therefore a unique, special packaging program.