Quality policy, environmental management and FSMS

Management and all employees of Dukart d.o.o. we commit ourselves to ensure the sustainable development of the company, social security and professional development of employees by implementing the adopted strategy and achieving the set goals, and to have a positive impact on the development of the environment. Dukart d.o.o. offers a comprehensive range of services, which includes consulting, design and production of transport and commercial cardboard packaging, in the field of food industry, beverage industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications and electrical industry, metal, glass, paper industry and trade.

Indicative goals:

  • Dukart d.o.o. will meet the needs of the market for transport and commercial cardboard packaging (laminated packaging and solid cardboard packaging) in development and production for the most demanding customers with products with a higher added value
  • The framework goals of the quality management system, environmental management, FSC scheme FSMS are defined in detail in the annual plans, as concrete and measurable business goals, which is the basis for evaluating their performance and effectiveness.
  • Implementation goals are defined by the plan for all business functions and are monitored at least monthly by the board of directors.
  • To ensure the traceability of certified material and to meet the expectations of customers for enabling the identification and traceability of natural materials.
  • To ensure the production and supply of high-quality and safe packaging for food contact.
  • To ensure that the highest standards of safety and hygiene of food contact packaging will be maintained, which, depending on the purpose of use, will meet the requirements regarding the safety of food packaging.

Activities to achieve the goals:

  • Planning and implementing the development of products and services with the aim of meeting the minimum prescribed requirements of legislation and standards, and above all the needs and expectations of our customers regarding the quality and punctuality of deliveries.
  • Developing employee attitudes and competencies.
  • Developing a partnership with suppliers that is built on trust and proper integration and brings mutual improvement and satisfaction.
  • Systematic management of processes that are identified and have their own administrators, who take care of their continuous improvement. Process results, their measurement, analysis and measures for continuous improvement are the basis for company management.
  • The effectiveness of achieving quality goals, environmental management, FSC scheme FSMS management regularly checks and, depending on the achieved results, introduces appropriate corrective measures.
  • Informing, educating and training employees at all levels of the company with the aim of achieving understanding, implementation and improvement of the quality policy, environmental management, FSC shemeter FSMS.
  • Carrying out internal audits, identifying risks and opportunities, identifying interested parties in the business context, ensuring the monitoring of the performance of the quality management and environmental management system, the FSC scheme and the FSMS. By introducing measures, we ensure continuous improvement of operations and improvement of the effect and environmental management.
  • We are aware of the importance of continuous process and technological improvements, which we also coordinate with our customers.
  • In the area of ​​environmental management, we meet all relevant legal requirements, and we also take into account the requirements of customers and the local community.
  • With the personal responsibility and self-control of each employee, we constantly improve and prevent the actual and possible strain on our environment according to the principles of good stewardship; we reduce the consumption of electricity, gas, waste generation, etc.
  • On the basis of recognized important environmental aspects, we have drawn up framework and implementation goals and environmental management programs.
  • We support open dialogue and cooperation with all interested members of the public – our quality and environmental management policy is public.
  • In the area of ​​ensuring food safety, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting food safety requirements, including statutory and mutually agreed customer requirements. We ensure that all purchased raw materials, materials, products and external services comply with applicable legislation and regulations, and we maintain an FSMS management system that meets the requirements of ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-4.

Trbovlje, day 1.7.2020                                                                                 CEO:  Jože Klanšek