Production of packaging



Lamination of the packaging is the term for a process in which two or more layers of different materials are joined by bonding or heat treatment. In the cardboard industry, printed cardboard panels of smaller weights are most often laminated to corrugated cardboard.

Laminating is carried out on a Bobst machine, which is equipped with the cutting edge technology for controlling the dosage and application of glue, controlling the speed and accuracy of alignment.

Complete process is controlled by the Industry 4.0 system.



Punching of the packaging is a process in which the product takes the form it was designed for during the development process. For that it is necessary to make a punching tool. The process takes place on two modern Chinese-made Eterna machines. The latest machine, designed in Switzerland, allows us high productivity, low waste and constant control with the Industry 4.0 system.



The process of folding and bonding of sheets is not so simple due to the compactness of the material (cardboard). For larger batches, the modern Chinese-made Eterna machine allows us to make this last stage of production very efficient.

Smaller format sheets are bonded on the Swedish-made Lamina machine.

Micro batches are bonded by hand, thus ensuring high production flexibility. We use hot glue in granules.